Frequently Asked Questions

Mixero is a secure BTC transaction service known as a Bitcoin Mixer. Our mission is to make your transactions complex to track, your identity and your security on the Internet is then renforced.

To use Mixero service, you just need to enter one or more destination BTC addresses for the transaction. Then you can choose the fees you want Mixero take. To understand why you can choose different values and their functions, refer to our about page.

Mixero uses unique and complex protocols allowing almost secure transactions. The interest is to ensure your transactions are hidden on the Internet and protect your virtual identity. To achieve this goal, we use the popular protocol named CoinJoin. We don't use an existing CoinJoin algorithm, it's built by our own strategies.

It's imperative to protect yourself on the Internet, and therefore your money. Making your transactions secure and hidden will protect you from malicious hackers for example. Secondly, it's important to be the only one to know the origin of your transaction. No one should know the details of your transactions, it is a good practice to send and receive money in an unpredictable and dangerous computer world.

It is necessary to send at least 0.002 BTC and maximum 250.00 BTC. If you send less, your money will not be sent to its destination for fees and will be perceived as a donation.

You can download your Letter of Guarantee on the transaction page. It's your unique transaction proof, it's your signed transaction. In case of problem or any questions about transactions status you can send it to our support

Our advanced mode uses a rare method of mixing in the world of cryptocurrencies, called swapping which involves exchanging funds from BTC to XMR and back to BTC. The process uses automatically generated wallets that are not linked to any exchange, making it extremely difficult to trace the transactions.