At Mixero, a leading Bitcoin Mixer, we prioritize your crypto anonymity. Leveraging our pioneering CoinJoin technology, we shield your transactions from prying eyes.
In our Advanced Mode, both ETH and BTC benefit from enhanced discretion, utilizing the unparalleled privacy features of XMR mixing..

Our Advantages

Ease of use

Mixero has been designed to be easy to use. In just a few steps, you can make your bitcoins anonymous.

Privacy protection

We place a high importance on protecting your privacy and do not keep any activity logs.

CoinJoin technology

Mixero uses CoinJoin technology for superior mixing results.

Tor integration

For even more confidentiality, you can visit our site using the Tor browser.

How do I use the Mixero service?

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Choose your preference for sending your parts

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Download your warranty letter and send your parts

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Use the transaction link to wait for your parts

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Receive and enjoy your parts


To use Mixero service, you just need to enter one or more destination BTC addresses for the transaction. Then you can choose the fees you want Mixero take. To understand why you can choose different values and their functions, refer to our about page.

Mixero is a secure BTC transaction service known as a Bitcoin Mixer. Our mission is to make your transactions complex to track, your identity and your security on the Internet is then renforced.

You can download your Letter of Guarantee on the transaction page. It's your unique transaction proof, it's your signed transaction. In case of problem or any questions about transactions status you can send it to our support mixero.io@protonmail.com.