Service Fees

Service Fees

In fact, choosing higher fees allows your transaction to have a higher priority level. Each fee value uses a different protocol allowing for faster transactions.

This is an average delay of about one hour with high fees and about 3 hours with lower fees. The exact delay cannot be predicted due to variations in the blockchain.

The fixed fees that our technologies take 0.0003 BTC allow us to continue improving our protocols and adding features.

It is necessary to send at least 0.002 BTC and a maximum of 100.00 BTC. If you send less, your money will not be sent to the destination and will be perceived as a donation.

No logs policy

Mixero ensures the confidentiality of your transactions, so it is our duty not to keep a record of your requests within our service.

Therefore, we do not keep any trace of your visit after your session expires, which lasts 24 hours.

We only keep the information of a transaction until it is completed and confirmed, in case of troubleshooting we have the necessary details to assist you.

No Logs Policy

You should know that BTC transactions on the blockchain are transparent and the confidentiality of your transactions can be impacted.

To overcome this problem, Mixero uses an algorithm called CoinJoin which varies depending on the priority order of your fees. When users make transactions, Mixero protects your privacy by mixing transactions from multiple users at once, different wallets are used as gateways and never reused so that a user cannot recover previously mixed funds. Users may have the impression of being able to easily track their transaction after using Mixero, however, the origin of the funds obtained is indeed hidden and confidential.

Thus, our clients cannot worry about new transactions that may be mixed with old ones. This protocol guarantees the confidentiality of your exchanges on the blockchain.

Our advanced mode uses a rare mixing method in the world of cryptocurrencies, called "exchange" which involves exchanging funds from BTC to XMR and back to BTC. The process uses automatically generated wallets that are not linked to any exchange, making tracking the transactions extremely difficult.

In addition, the privacy-focused cryptocurrency Monero is used, making chain analysis impossible and breaking the links with Monero addresses. The funds are also divided into random pieces, making it impossible to correlate the amount exchanged. The final result is a virtually undetectable transaction that passes through several wallets before arriving at the destination address. Mixero is very proud of the Advanced mode and highly recommends its use, as we believe it allows a higher level of privacy than the CoinJoin protocol and is strongly advised.

Mixero is very proud of the Advanced mode and highly recommends its use, as we believe it allows a higher level of privacy than the CoinJoin protocol. This is why it requires a fixed fee and a single destination address, as its design is complex. This will be improved in the future.

Service Fees


It is important to have proof of your transaction in case of problems, if the delay is extended, do not hesitate to contact us directly, you should not wait. Although Mixero respects the non-logging policy, you can download a guarantee letter when you send your order.

This letter must be sent to our support email below in case of problems in order to route the transaction in case of unexpected problems. Our support team uses the details of your transaction to resolve your issue as quickly as possible.


To help Mixero further evolve and provide you with the best Bitcoin mixing services, you can make a donation to our personal BTC address.


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